When pottering around the net I found a fraudulent offer of my book in pdf and for iPAD which breaches copyright.

I never released my novel in these formats. Blogymate are thieves and/or assist theft, i.e. copyright breach.

The text is clearly concocted by non-English speaking people, and the mention of the two newspapers does not tally with the truth.

I have not tested the offered download of my novel, because I was obviously fearful of malware and haven’t got an iPad either. Whether they offer my book for free or it costs something – it is fraud.

I wonder where they have stolen the files from?

Hopefully the law will read this and shut them down, apparently (UK?).

 BEWARE – BLOGYMATE are fraudsters. 

Over the next few days, I will ponder whether to involve the Australian authorities (Australian copyright), or the American ones (my book is on amazon.com), or the British authorities as blogymate appears to conduct their fraudulent activities from Britain.

Tease pages of my book on scribd are here http://www.scribd.com/doc/51691473/ISBN-978-1456553876

. Or watch my reading on www.youtube.com/hauptmannbalalaika

The Plevitskaya book is now available from Amazon.

N.B.: You might not want to take it for granted that the book is available on amazon forever. When a self-published author attracts the interest of literature users, the contract will normally stipulate that all other sales avenues be shut down. Offerings on the net will have to be deleted, and all stocks that the author may still have will need to be destroyed. My Plevitskaya novel is unlikely to be an exception. Nothing is forever they say, and my offer on amazon is there as long as I say so. 


I thought I’d load up my biography on the s9 site, and I did, actually, although one would never know if there is any point to it with those billions of websites these days. Is anyone looking, probably not. So it won’t matter then, I guess, that I have uploaded a rather full CV there, maybe a bit too detailed – but if noone’s looking, would not matter, would it.

Unless you know this URL, you won’t find my page on S9, and when you do, my info is there but the spaces for ads bring up error messages. So if you like to look at an ad free page with my CV  check this out


Wouldn’t matter then either, that I tell you what I am working on (besides my German translation), although this could be detrimental to my health. But I will delete the following soon: It is highly probable that the young lady who travelled around the world in 1991 and ‘convinced’ 146 bankers to refinance Murdoch’s loans was Rebekah (now) Brooks.