Read about the 40 year old history of our WikiLeaks_Song. The mp3 upload was not permitted (security reasons?!) so you’d have to email us to get it as an attachment.

We were early WikiLeakers!

There were no WikiLeaks in 1969 when I produced that recording. The boys in the band had developed the concept and I saw no reason to refuse producing it. The anti Vietnam war thrust by espcially one of the band’s members was not exactly mine, but I did not really give it much thought. The few thoughts that I did have, I kept to myself. As an ex West Berliner I considered fighting communism a worthy cause. The war did not go under my skin at all – it was very far from Frankfurt/Main where we lived. I did not even own a washing machine then and how to get one was more important than the Vietnam War.

In 1970 then, my production became part of a scandal, but I had no idea what the boys had done with my recording! Not very legal, of course, but nothing could be done after the fact and we/I saw the whole thing as a prank. They would not have been able to pull it off without secrecy, so they did not tell me, although they should have.

One of the boys had given the recording to a Steve J. Oreskovich, who was a disk jockey in the Rock Show “Underground” in the American Forces Network (AFN), a radio station for US soldiers abroad. Steve’s tour of duty with Uncle Sam was coming to a close and for his last show, which was to be broadcast two days after his discharge, he had switched the tape. It included our song ‘Tell it like it is”, now renamed to WikiLeaks_Song.mp3 plus anti war readings and embarrassing utterings by then Vice President Spiro Agnew (whose true colours came out later). At the time though, publishing the embarrassing utterings of a Vice President were treated as an insult to His Majesty.

When I heard about the whole thing a couple of days after the ‘event’, I thought this was all a bit of a laugh. I had no anti-establishment streak then and even thought this was for puerile individuals who got a kick out of scratching big guys.

It therefore surprised me, that the event of tape switching was taken so seriously that even DER SPIEGEL (23NOV1970) and ‘Stars and Stripes’ (18NOV1970) reported about it. Some people warned us, that the CIA would now blacklist our band and all individuals in it. I did not take that seriously at all and we marched on in our musical endeavours, which then focussed again on Russian Folk, where we had a nearly unique position in Europe. Had I understood about blacklists I might have contacted the CIA, explained and apologized for what former band members had done.

We never did find out whether 40 years ago the CIA put us on a blacklist. We probably could now with FOI. But our work was on the stage, neither the Vietnam War, nor the CIA, nor actual or imagined deceptions by the establishment were worth bothering about in those years.

The song was soon forgotten. The individuals involved in the production disappeared to the four corners of the globe. We went about making music with new members, then called it quits and moved from Germany to Australia.

After 1994/95, I developed an anti-establishment streak. I had become the victim of German reunification criminality, enacted by the Kohl government. It could not translate into action though, since the thrust would have had to be against Germany, and I was living in regional Australia. Even 16 years later I am still shocked how (democratically elected !!!!) people in power fleece those who do not have the money to conduct years of court cases. My eyes were opened in a way that I would have preferred not to happen. The collusion by the German government with the French after 1990 had a late consequence, my brother’s death in 2008.

Had there been WikiLeaks in those years of reunification criminality, the Kohl & Co thievery would have come out into the open and could have been reversed for those who did not have the resources to take the government to court.

Had there been WikiLeaks in 1994/95 The Kohl-Mitterrand thievery could have become public and enough proof would have existed to send Kohl & Co where he belongs, prison.

In 2010, it is therefore with some amazement, pleasure, even pride, that I recall the scandal and listen to the digitised version of my production (from a nearly disintegrating tape). With inserting the song into the Underground Show by AFN, we have done a WikiLeaks 40 years ago, even though we did not have a clue what the hell we were doing, and possibly doing to ourselves.

I would have liked to put the song on the internet for all to use. ‘© 1969 Dieter Hauptmann’ is not rescinded (the recording studio did not donate their time). If you would like to use it in a commercial undertaking, i.e. in a product that you sell or where you charge for tickets, I trust that you will honour us with a peppercorn rent – or offer whatever is adequate for the product. Send me an email (, or better and more reliable, look in the Adelaide phone directory for a street address. Look for the H surname. There’s only one now, but in case there may be another one in future years, the sum of single phone digits plus house number should be 33.