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This post is about my book, my journey and me. 

2012 – I was thrilled to receive such a wonderful review by Judy Sherman, a leading member of the Balalaika and Domra Association of America (BDAA). If the text does not show up well enough, please drop me a line.


 I went for a traditional kind of design for my book’s cover, thinking  I better swim with the mainstream, although I am not that kind of swimmer.

(The German edition has been canned.)

Please notify me by email if you want one from me in Australia.

Readers’ feedback is equally appreciated.  The new edition offers an autographed bookmark in exchange for feedback.
ISBN-13: 978-1456553876


ISBN-13: 978-1456553876


(copy this for search engines if you do not wish to use the link below) I have uploaded the latest revision with American spelling to

Don’t forget to check out my movie pitch on this blog. It could be gone tomorrw, i.e. when I have done a deal. The book will then also be withdrawn from sale.

I’d like to encourage people to tell me if they have liked my Plevitskaya novel, or if they have disliked it, too! I am not planning a revision, I said some months ago, but after reading The Eitingons, I did.

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