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I grew up in postwar West Berlin and played in the ruins. Later I graduated from High School and went to Free University studying Sociology in the economics department, not the philosophical department. But finances were too tight; the family situation too difficult. When I saw an ad in the paper from the Frankfurt head office of Associated Press I applied and got in. I left Berlin for Frankfurt not knowing a single soul there.

I met my fate on the 15th June 1966 in a little event of poetry and Russian balalaika music. When I had received the invitation, I wasn’t sure whether I should go or even could go, because of the shift work at AP. Sometimes I have been wondering where my life would have taken me, had they put me on late shift for that evening.

I stayed only two years at AP, learned a lot there, even though I did not realise that at the time. Years of touring followed, with our Troika Ensemble, with Iwan Rebroff (as he was written then), with Boris Rubaschkin, and with our Tschaika Cossacks. We established a pub in Frankfurt which was called Balalaika. Russian music took us to many stages in many countries, including Australia.

That Australian Arts Council tour of 1977 was our last. After 11 years we were tired of touring and the responsibilities of being boss. I played landlady, went back into journalism, renovated a house, and then sold it all to go to Australia.

We settled in a regional centre where I organised the local festival for three years. We worked a bit in advertising and had a small recording studio. I translated music tuition books and when that project was finished, we moved to Adelaide.

Since 1993 I had wanted to write a book about Gypsy Singer Nadezhda Plevitskaya, but I had to wait until 2001 to embark on that journey. This is described in more detail on the page how I became a samizdat author. If Tolstoy and J.S. Bach self-published their works – good enough for me.

I would have liked to contribute towards general revenue in this household, but since that was not possible I pursued my interest of writing this historical novel. I now aim for posthumous success of the Plevitskaya novel and the movie.

I am only one email click away if you want to know more.

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My Plevitskaya book comes from here:

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My little movie-pitch for speedreaders and a slide show is here

A more detailed bio

excerpts from the Plevitskaya book

FAQ about my Plevitskaya book are here

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  1. There is still an unauthorised edition on offer on the net. It is easy to recognise from the faulty cover which has a black overprint. The Nos of this offer of faulty books are ISBN 10 : 0975737244: ISBN 13: 9780975737248. I apologize but haven’t been able to remove this offer.

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